Key points

Hexchat is more or less the default IRC app of the modern era. It’s usable by users with a wide variety of skill levels, its interface is nice enough, and it has some fun toys for power users who need more options.

Hexchat, like all of our core clients, runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Not your thing?

Where do I get it?

How do I connect to Squick with it?

  1. Navigate to HexChat -> Network List in the menubar.
  2. Optional - tick the Show Favorites Only checkbox to hide the premade server list. This will make it easier to navigate later, as long as you remember to mark the networks you actually use as favorites.
  3. Click the Add button and type in Squick. Click the Favor button.
  4. Click the Edit button with Squick still selected.
  5. In the top pane, click newserver/6667, then click the “Edit” button. Type in and press enter.
  6. Tick the Use SSL for all servers on this network box.
  7. Optional - If the Accept invalid SSL certificates box is present and ticked, untick it. This will protect you against many types of server impersonation.
  8. Click the Close button, then select Squick in the network list and click Connect.

How do I log into my Squick account with it?

  1. Navigate to HexChat -> Network List in the menubar.
  2. Select Squick and click Edit.
  3. Enter your primary nickname in the User name box. You may need to untick the Use global user information and fill in those fields individually.
  4. In Login method, select SASL (username+password).
  5. Enter your password in the Password box.
  6. Click Close and either restart Hexchat or reconnect to Squick.

How do I register a Squick account with it?

Same as any other app! See main help page.