The Old Guard

The people and places in this section were pre-2023 members of the unmoderated incarnation of Noodle Ninja IRC, Yeti Pants, and Squick (as it has variously been known in the first 20 years of our history).

Some of you are still with us. Some of you are long gone. But we remember you all the same.

Note: If you would like your name removed from this list, please contact Digi. Channels can also be removed, if you were the channel owner.


Coming soonish, assuming everything works out. Waiting on a final data dump from the old server. If that fails this will need to be reconstructed from logs and memories, which will take a while.


See above.


Other IRC networks of historical significance to our development or userbase.


Where Digi originally cut her teeth on IRC and learned some things about how to – and how not to – manage an IRC channel and community. RIP RPG2knet. Digi misses Sivvy, Yu, Spik, and Sheep. Everyone misses QDD.


Original home of #altermeta, from which a sizable chunk of the original #noodles userbase (also on this network) was drawn.


The first time the Noodle Ninja community had an IRC server of their own, it was a leaf of Stormweyr’s little 2-server network.

The split was messy. Philosophical differences are a heck of a thing to sort out when both admins think their entire community is at stake. Some regrets, some lessons learned.


Our first attempted rescue-merger after having been independent for a while. Seemed like a slam dunk: we had compatible user bases with a lot of pre-existing friendships, and Weresource was in danger of withering without more hardware support and a fresh dose of new user exposure.

Ultimately there were some Stormweyr-esque style disagreements in rules and management style, and frankly they were not ones we could hold against Weresource, considering their more-vulnerable users and more-sensitive discussion topics.

ShadowWolf was a real hero during this era, and in retrospect, we really should have listened to him regarding the need for moderation. Better 10 years late than never, though.


Another mutually beneficial linkup. Draconic was the alma mater of several of our oldbies, who were all worried the network would die if left stagnant on its own. One of our admins at the time clashed strongly with several of theirs, and negotiations went sour in a hurry, unfortunately.

Their hub channel, #draconic, got a mirror that still existed on our network through the 2023 relaunch. We’re not entirely sure how they feel about that, but we’re hoping there’s no hard feelings – we appreciate both the folks in our copy and the ones that didn’t move! (That was the whole idea of the attempted merger in the first place, after all.)


Thanks, Alynna!


People who believed in what we were, and went above and beyond.


Our webhost throughout the early years; graciously continued offering this courtesy to the network even after Digi and Caltsar parted ways personally.

That was a huge deal in the days of student income levels, and a real standup thing to do for us.


Constant font of quiet excellence. Keenly prescient at times, sometimes frustratingly so if you had an ego about being proven wrong. Unquestionably one of our best admins in the Weresource era.

Might still be around as a regular user, possibly lurking behind you. Not a birdie.

Lain Szvahl

A long-serving admin that at one point donated hardware to the network. A good friend to boot. We miss you, Lain!

Jade Nekotenshi

An angel in multiple senses of the term. Jade’s sizable unprompted donation came at a time when our forced .com domain switch was threatening to shutter the network and it – no joke – kept our new .org domain registered and original server funded for years afterward.

Kraken and Saber

Though neither was ever on network staff, and Kraken has been MIA for a while, they were tremendous community leaders in the Sorcery and Stormweyr days.

Without them it’s hard to say whether we would have lasted much beyond there. So many of our oldbies were either brought in or riveted by these two that it’s harder to find someone who doesn’t know them than does.