Key points

Ambassador is a (slightly) modernized sequel to ChatZilla. Returning CZ users will want this; if you’re nostalgic and miss the days of in-browser chat rooms, this will almost certainly scratch the itch as well.

Ambassador, like all of our core clients, runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Not your thing?

Where do I get it?

How do I connect to Squick with it?

Click here and tell your web browser to open the link in Ambassador (if necessary): ircs://

If that didn’t work or you got lost, try this instead: 1. Open Ambassador -> Preferences in the main menu. 2. In Global Settings, click the Startup tab. Scroll down to Locations and click the Add button. 3. Paste ircs:// into the prompt. 4. Click the OK button in the prompt and then in the Preferences dialog to confirm your changes. 5. Restart Ambassador or click Ambassador -> Open Auto-connect in the main menu to connect to Squick.

How do I log into my Squick account with it?

  1. Open Ambassador -> Preferences in the main menu.
  2. In, click the General tab.
  3. Scroll down to Identification and click Use SASL authentication. Make sure Nickname is set to the name you registered with.
  4. Restart Ambassador or disconnect and reconnect.
  5. Enter your Squick account’s password when prompted.

If you get disconnected, just try again – you have 15 seconds to enter a password before the server boots you. Saving the password is a good idea unless you’re a fast typer, since this willl let Ambassador auto-login for you when you connect.

How do I register a Squick account with it?

Same as any other app! See main help page.