Squick is a general-use IRC network with a slight bias towards furries, gamers, and hackers. (When we say hackers, we mean that in the original sense of the term. That is, the MIT-inspired “maker” kind of hacker, not the cybercriminal kind.)

Originally founded in 2007 as NoodleNinja IRC (and extant as an IRC channel since 2002), Squick’s network priorities have traditionally leaned towards acting as a blank slate instead of a structured forum with many rules and regulations.

User rights and reasonable privacy are a high priority, moderation is kept to the channel level whenever possible, and our users drive the network’s content, not the admins. That said, nobody has the right to be a jerk about it.

All non-malicious users and communities are welcome, and anyone can register a new channel if they’re so inclined. To get started, read the rules and then connect to squick.me in your IRC app.